Monday, August 8, 2011

Brobee Dress Tutorial

So I’ve been known to browse clearance section at Target, looking for a good deal from time to time. One day while searching through the clearance baby clothes I stumbled upon this green striped shirt.
Well, first of all it’s a boy’s shirt and I have a girl. Secondly it’s a size 4T (way too big for my 7 month old peanut). But it was only 81 cents AND it reminded me of Mark's…um, I mean one of Ally’s favorite Yo Gabba Gabba characters,  Brobee.  I didn’t know what I would make but I HAD to get it.
After a day or two I remembered that  I had this really cool book called “Generation T – 108 ways to transform a T Shirt”.
Click on the book to find it on Amazon
So I got some inspiration, and here’s how I made my daughter her very own Brobee dress out of a big boy’s tee shirt:

1.  Cut off the sleeves just inside the seams.

2.   Measure down 2” from the shoulder seam on both sides, front and back. Mark the spot or pin it.
Cut from the bottom of the armhole to that point without cutting through the neck band.

3.   Cut the excess fabric off the shoulders carefully. You can leave it unfinished, you can remove the stitching and carefully remove the top layer, or you can overlock the unfinished areas.
I’m going to leave it as is, sorry mom (she hates unfinished edges J).

4.   Now the waist area of this dress is a little too big for my girl so I pinned the sides about 2 ½ inches up and sewed the side seams, tapering to 0” at the bottom.

Trim the excess.

5.   I reinforced the armholes using a straight stretch stitch (say that 3 times fast) on my machine.

6.   Now here’s the template for all the face pieces. It measures about 4" wide...

Brobee Template

Cutting tip: When cutting out the paper template, do a really rough cut around each piece. Don’t spend time meticulously cutting out the exact shape. Just wait until you pin it to the felt to cut carefully around the shape. (I do this with clothing patterns too).
7.   I cut out the face pieces using red, black, and white felt. I pinned them onto the dress...

   ...then sewed very carefully using matching threads. I used red thread first to attach the mouth and hair (is that hair?), then white to attach the eyes, then black for the rest. One stitch line is sufficient for the unibrow and black part of the mouth.
Hair bow:
I made the hair bow by cutting short strips (about 4”) of the leftover tee shirt material. Stretch the strips out a bit to make them curl inward, creating cute noodles. Then I clumped them all together and tied a 4ply piece of thread around the center, over and over again…really snug.  Then I cut a couple 4” lengths of red ribbon and tied them tightly on with red thread.  Attached it to a red headband and voila!

Here's the finished dress on Ally.

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  1. Adorable! I have to make something similar for my girls!