Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Easy Utility Apron Tutorial

I had 3 fat quarters and a dream…to make mommyhood a little easier.  Constantly getting up to fetch baby stuff was wearing thin on my nerves and my bum foot. So I decided to keep everything close with a mommy utility apron. This apron can hold binkies, burp cloths, wipes, bottles, your cell phone…whatever you need to keep close at hand. It’s great for you, or fill it up and give it as a gift to a new mom…and it’s oh so easy to make! Here’s how:
You’ll need…
3 fat quarters – (these measure 18” x 22”)
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Scissors & ruler/ rotary cutting supplies
Iron & ironing board
** The apron is double-layered for extra durability.

1. Apron pocket – cut the fat quarter you’ll be using for the pocket down to 12” x 22”.

2. Pocket trim – cut a 2” strip of fabric for the pocket trim (2” x 22”)

3. Sew the pocket trim to pocket right sides together. (95%  of the time I sew at ¼” seam allowance, with the fabric at the edge of the presser foot). Iron the seam open.

4. Fold this apron & trim piece in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew the edges together. This will create a fabric loop.

5. Turn the loop right side out and iron it in half. Half the trim will be on one side, half on the other side.

6. Main apron –  using the entire fat quarter, fold in half wrong sides together at the shorter side and iron it. So it now measures 9” x 22”

7. Place the apron pocket into the fold of the main apron as shown. Sew 3 sides together.

8. Clip the corners and turn right side out. Press.

9. Now sew through all layers at the places where you want pocket seams. I did a tri fold to find 3 equally spaced pockets and sewed two seams. Remember to back stitch generously at the top of the pocket to get extra durability.

10. Strap: Cut 3” strips from the strap/trim fabric (3” x 22”). Sew as many strips together at the short ends, so that you have a strap long enough to wrap around your waist and tie the ends together (I used 3). Fold the strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and sew along the long edge.

11. Turn the strap inside out. Press with the seam in the middle:

The Fasturn system works extremely well for turning tubes.
Here's a link:

Or you can go the old fashioned route of securing a safety pin to one end and fishing it
through to the other end.

12. Fold the top of the apron piece down 1/2” or so. Press.
Pin the strap to the apron piece as shown, matching centers and sew through all sides, in a long rectangle to attach the strap to the apron. Finish the ends of the apron ties by folding them in ½” or so, pressing, and sewing the ends shut.

You are done !


  1. Great tutorial! I just made two of these for work - I work in a preschool for children with autism, and we have children who need immediate reinforcement throughout the day. Sometimes it's hard to stuff their favorite toy or edible in your pocket, so these utility aprons are an awesome problem solver!

  2. Thanks! The type of work you do is commendable and I know it's hard work. I'm so glad the aprons could make it a tad easier.