Friday, August 12, 2011

Hanky Drool Bib Tutorial

It's reversible!
Ally in her hanky drool bib

 I love the hanky bib trend going around. Baby’s can wear bibs and be stylish too? I’m in. Here’s my version of a reversible hanky bib. Print out my pattern and let’s get to it.

Here's a Link to PDF 

The pattern is made to fit my peanut – a 14 pound, 7month old girl. You may need to enlarge it for your little one.
You’ll need:
- 1/3 yard of 2 fabrics (or a couple of fat quarters)
   You can use cotton, flannel, terry cloth, or waterproof fabric

“light to medium weight” fusible interfacing
- Matching thread
- "sew-in" hook and loop
- The basics: Sewing machine, scissors, iron
For the girl’s version of the bib I’m using some super cute Ann Kelle fabrics. I just can’t get enough of Ann Kelle stuff right now and am building my own little collection.  Here’s a link to the website.

I got these fabrics on Etsy from Three Rivers Fabric.

Here’s how to make the bib:
1)      Cut out the bib pattern from your 2 fabric choices. Make sure to place the center of the bib pattern on the fold.

2)      Cut out the bib pattern from 2 layers of interfacing.

3)      Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of each fabric pattern piece.

4)      With right sides together, pin and sew the bib together leaving a 2” (or more) space open at the neck for turning rightside out.

5)      Clip curves , turn rightside out and press. Press the opening space carefully to match the seam of the bib.
clip curves

clip the point


6)      Sew along the edges of the bib about 1/8” from the seam.

7)      Add hook and loop to the bib closure. Remember to place the hook and loop on opposite sides of the bib for correct closure. Now you are done! Guess what? The bib is reversible. Try it…you’ll see.
The Boy’s Version…                                                                                                                    
Ok, here I am, a big old hypocrite for using skull fabric after I said I had an aversion to putting skulls on Ally. But it’s a boy’s bib and I couldn’t resist the camo print
cotton front, terry cloth on back

camo skulls fabric from Joann

*If you want to add an applique to the bib, sew it on before you sew the two bib pieces together.
-Happy Sewing


  1. HI,
    I would love to get this pattern, is there anyway to get it without joining up to scribd.

  2. Hi, I edited the blog post and reposted the pattern as a PDF that you can print or download straight from the blog. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks :)

  3. Is this still available as a PDF? I would love to give it a shot. Thanks!

  4. Hi :) I am also looking for the PDF. Is it still available??
    Thank you:)

  5. Do you use the interfacing if you are using terry? I want to use minky, and was wondering about the interfacing...

    1. Interfacing isn't necessary, especially if you're using a thick fabric like minky. It just gives the bib a little structure.

  6. HI! I see that you called for a sew in hook and loop closure, but your pictures look like velcro. Is there a reason why you used velcro instead?

  7. Hook and loop is what it is. One side of the tape has tiny hooks, the other has tiny loops. And sew-in as opposed to the adhesive-backed kind. Velcro is the brand name. Maybe you're thinking "hook and eye" closure?

    1. Wow! How sad is it that I've never heard it called hook and loop closure... just velcro. Anyway, I was thinking it was some sort of button type closure with one side having an elastic loop and the other a button... but, I totally get what you mean now. Silly me!

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