Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Heart Crochet

I never really got the hang of knitting but I love to crochet. There’s nothing like crocheting in the fall or winter when the weather is cold (below 65 degrees is cold for a California gal like me, brrr). When Ally was born I was obsessed with crocheting baby beanies. Here's the first one I made…

I added ears, pink trim, and ribbon to the same beanie for Easter…

Some beanies to keep her little ears warm…
The patterns for these beanies came from an amazing crochet tutorial blog called Allicrafts. Go check it out sometime. Alli has so many adorable FREE patterns on her blog.
Little plush animals are fun to crochet too. When I was a girl visiting my great-grandmother “Ella Mae” in Missouri, she gave me these crochet booklets that include a lot of plush projects.  Can you tell the decade they came from?
nice 80's hairdo
Now I hear they call it amugurumi– the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals. Patterns for these are all over the internet.

I found a great blog with some free amigurumi patterns...

Here’s a beautiful crocheted blanket that my Nana made for Ally. I was so touched she made this since her eyesight is poor these days and I’m so glad she’s around to meet her great-grandkids. 

My mom is a great knitter and crocheter too (what can’t she do?). She made Ally some cute baby clothes.
so much pink
My next tutorial will be a half sewn, half crocheted plushie hedgehog. It's simple, soft, and super cute. I can't wait to show you how to make it.

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