Thursday, August 18, 2011

Necktie T-Shirt Tutorial

This is a quick and easy quick that I did it during naptime!

There are some really cute and cool baby tees available now with fun graphics and appliques. A popular one for boys is the tie t-shirt. I’m making this one for my nephew. He’s turning 1 year old next month!
You’ll need:
-          a blank tee
-          a small piece of fabric
-          bonding web - (Stitch Witchery or Heat 'n' Bond)
-          The basics: sewing machine, iron, scissors, thread

Step 1:   Use the pattern below to cut out the 2 shapes of the tie.  (If you right-click the image and chose PRINT, it should print out letter-sized for you).
Tie Appliques

(I included a bow tie as well for those preppy boys)

Cut 2 of each shape using the dashed lines in the pattern.  I cut my gingham fabric at a diagonal. 

NOTE: You can use just one layer of fabric and skip steps 2-3 if you’d like. I just like the 2 layer approach for added durability.

I cut the tie end at a diagonal, and the knot straight on

Put the 2 pieces right sides together
Step 2: Pin the shapes together, right sides together and sew them using a ¼” seam allowance, leaving a small space for turning at the top of each piece (the areas between the small dots on the pattern).

Stitch (leaving top area between dots open), clip and turn

Step 3:  Clip curves, turn and press. I used an old pencil (eraser side) to help turn the shapes. Carefully press the open part of the tie knot piece so it matches the seams. Don’t worry about the tie piece. It will be tucked under the tie knot.

Step 4: Cut the 2 pattern shapes out of bonding web, cutting on the solid line this time (you can make these pieces a tad smaller so they don’t stick out from behind the tie).
Cut the shapes out of bonding web

Step 5: Place the shirt on your ironing board. Position the pieces on the tee shirt with bonding web behind them. The tie knot will overlap the tie piece.
position the pieces with bonding web underneath them

Step 6: Iron using your bonding web instructions.

Step 7: Finish off the applique with a straight stitch, zig-zag or satin stitch.
I used a satin stitch using black thread


  1. Hi Hannah, This is going to be huge. Keep at it. You are going to have
    a big following once people start finding you. All the very best to a great lady who I am proud of having as a friend. Love, C