Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick Cloth Baby Wipes

Repurpose Project #1 - Quick Cloth Baby Wipes

I got this flannel swaddle blanket free from the hospital when I had Ally but never used it. We used the easy Summer Infant swaddle blankets because I was never very good at swaddling. So I’m repurposing this blanket into cloth wipes.
Using my rotary cutter and ruler, I cut out as many 7” squares as I could get.
I ended up with 14 squares.  
Then I put pairs of squares wrong sides together...

...folded them twice and rounded off the corners. 
If you have an overlock machine, you can overlock the edges and be done. I don’t have one (yet - hello Christmas list) so I used an overlock stitch on my machine, then used a zig zag stitch to go around one more time.

 That was easy. We’ll see how they hold up.
         * Tip: if you keep the fabric scraps from your projects (even the tiniest ones), you can use them   as stuffing. I’ll have a cute plush project tutorial coming up shortly!
my fabric scrap bag - to use for stuffing
Here they are at my feeding station where I keep Ally’s bib, flash cards, the wipes, and a spray bottle filled with water. 
feeding station
 Now to scour the house and find more things I can make wipes out of...7 is definitely not enough.

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