Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial

I don’t really consider myself a “green” person but deep in my brain, next to my regular conscience is a little green conscience busting my buns every time I throw something away, use a paper towel, or forget my reusable bags at the store. I just can’t squash that little monster. And it’s purely personal. I don’t look down my nose at other people when they don’t do green things…I’m not beating on a green bible or anything. It’s just me. So I find little things to do my part.
Plastic storage bags are great for keeping food fresh but they’re so hard to clean so I’m making some reusable ones that I can just pop into the wash and use over and over. They are a little larger than a standard sized sandwich bag but you can alter the size to suit your needs. And they’re really easy to make.
You need:
½ yard of Rip Stop Nylon (makes 6 bags)
½ yard of cute cotton fabric
1 1/3 yd hook and loop tape (for 6 bags)
The basics: Sewing machine, matching thread, scissors, ruler, etc
I’m using some more fabric from my Ann Kelle collection that I bought from Poppyseed Fabrics on Etsy. It’s called “Retro Market Apples”. I also found some cute banana fabric at Joann. Food themed fabric is great for these bags.
Easy Instructions:
1)      Fold the ½ yard of nylon in half so it measures 9 ½ inches folded. Cut a width of 9 ½ inches. You’ll end up with a rectangle measuring 19” x 9 ½”. But keep it folded into a square. Repeat with your cute fabric.

2)      Sew the two sides of the nylon together leaving the top open. The bottom is the folded side. Use a 1/2” seam allowance.

3)      Repeat for the cute fabric: sew the two sides together (right sides together) only use a ¼” seam allowance this time.

4)      Trim the seam allowance of the nylon piece down a little bit.

5)      Clip the bottom corners of the cute fabric pocket, turn it right side out and press. (Leave the nylon pocket alone)

turn right side out and press

6)      Slip the nylon pocket into the cute fabric pocket, all the way down until the top edges match. (If they don’t match, trim the nylon pocket to fit)

7)      Pin and baste the top edge of the fabrics together. It may turn out a little wonky. Mine did but that’s OK.

8)      Fold the top edge inward once, and then again, and pin. Stitch the top edge.
fold over twice and pin


9)      Cut a length of hook and loop about  7 ½ inches long and pin the hook to one side, the loop to the other. Make sure to pin them a little far down so there’s enough room for your fingers to pull the bag open.
pin hook and loop on

10)   Stitch the hook and loop on all four sides.

It’s that simple.

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