Friday, August 5, 2011

Rocker Onesie Tutorial

I’m kind of a rocker. So before Ally develops her own interests she’s gonna have to be kind of a rocker too. I’ve always loved the cute black onesies with skulls and bows on them, but now that I’m an actual mom I can’t bring myself to put skulls on her. I know it’s weird and maybe superstitious…but it just doesn’t feel right. So I’m making my own version of a rocker onesie for Ally, complete with a ruffly skirt and guitar applique. Here’s how I made it:
You’ll need…
1 black onesie in baby’s size
1/4 yard of 2 cute fabrics (9 inches)
An applique (I used a guitar cutout from some old fabric I had)
Stitch Witchery or Heat n’ Bond
Matching or mismatched threads
The basics: Sewing machine, cutting and measuring supplies, iron & ironing board
1.       Measure the waist of your onesie and double that measurement. (This is the total length around the waist). Double that measurement again to get the length your ruffles should be.  My onesie measures 8 ½ inches at the waist so it is 17” around. I doubled that measurement to get 34” for the length of my ruffles.
So cut your ¼” yard piece to that length. My ruffle pieces are 9” x 34”.
2.       Fold each ruffle piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and stitch, creating a loop.
Turn the ruffles right side out using Fasturn, the old safety pin trick, or whatever other gadget you’ve got up your sleeve. Press.
3.       Sew the ends together to create a circle. You might want to finish the ends with a zigzag stitch.
4.       Baste the top edge of each ruffle 2 times about ¼” apart. Don’t backstitch and leave the ends of the thread long. This will be used for gathering.
5.       Pin the top ruffle to the onesie matching the center back seam to the center back of the onesie. Pin the front center ruffle to the onesie.
6.       Gather the ruffle by pulling the long threads from the basting stitches until the ruffle and onesie are the same length around. Pin the ruffle to the onesie. Stitch the ruffle to the onesie. (Remove the extension table of your machine for free-arm sewing). I used a zig-zag stitch to allow for stretching. Remove basting.

7.       Repeat steps 5-6 with the second ruffle, sewing it about  1-2” below the first ruffle.
For the applique I used 2 different applique techniques:
8.   Heart – cut 2 heart shapes out of some of the leftover fabric. Sew them right sides together, leaving an open space for turning.  Turn rightside out, press, clip curves, slipstitch the opening shut. Pin the heart onto the onesie and sew it on.

9.   Guitar – I cut out around the guitar leaving about ¼” of black border. Cut a piece of “Stitch Witchery” or “Heat n’ Bond” the same shape as the guitar. Apply the guitar to the onesie per the directions of your bonding agent. Zig-Zag stitch around the guitar a couple times. I used black thread.

The onesie is complete. I paired it with some cute legwarmers and my little one is ready to rock out.

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