Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hanging Wet Bag Tutorial

Now that we’ve started early potty training we need to keep a wet bag in the bathroom for dirty diapers. Here’s an easy tutorial for making one. It has straps that can snap onto a towel rack and it matches the bathroom! I used two layers of fabric…a pretty cotton print for the outside and a layer of PUL on the inside. If you find a PUL fabric you like, you can just use that without an outer layer of cotton.
You'll need:
  • 1/2 yd cotton print fabric
  • 1/2 yd PUL fabric
  • 12” zipper
  • 2 sets of snaps (3/8” or 9mm)
  • All the basics: scissors, thread, sewing machine, pins, etc.

Here’s how to make it:
Note: Iron the cotton fabric before proceeding (not the PUL!)  
Step 1: You need 4 pieces of fabric - 2 pieces of PUL and 2 pieces of cotton -  that measure 13“ x 18.5”. Since 18.5” is half a yard all I had to do was layer the PUL and cotton on top of each other, cut the fabrics at 26”, then cut them in half again at 13”.
13 x 26" 
Cut four 13 x 26" pieces - 2 of cotton and 2 of PUL
Step 2: You now have 2 sets of PUL and cotton for the front and back of the bag. Take the front set (you decide which on that is) and cut off 3” from the top.
3" cut off the top of the front set of cotton/PUL
Step 3: Baste the PUL and cotton pieces together making sure the waterproof side of the PUL is facing outward. (I used ¼” seam, white thread, and a universal 90/14 needle) * Sewing the PUL works best if the PUL is facing down and the cotton is facing up toward the presser foot.
Baste the PUL and cotton pieces together with PUL facing down toward machine
The sections are basted with PUL waterproof side facing down (out)
Step 4: Adding the zipper:  The fact that the front piece is in 2 sections makes adding the zipper fairly easy. My zipper will open from left to right. Keep track of the orientation of the front pieces to make sure the pattern is consistent.
Zipper will open left to right, fabric pieces are oriented correctly
Pin and sew the top front piece to the zipper, right sides together. It’s easiest if you keep the zipper closed at first, start sewing, and then open the zipper half way through. This keeps the zipper pull out of the way.
Sew with zipper closed at first (I'm using a zipper foot)
Then open up the zipper and continue to sew

Pin and sew the bottom front piece to the other side of the zipper, right sides together. Yessss, the zipper is done.
Pin ans sew the bottom section to the zipper
Yay, the zipper is done! And best of all...it works.
Step 5: Straps - Cut a 2 ½” (½ yd long) strip of fabric from your cotton print. I used a different print for the straps.
2 1/2" by 18.5"
Fold the straps in half lengthwise, right sides together and stitch. Turn right side out (using a safety pin, the Fasturn, or whatever device you prefer). Press.
Cut the strap in half.
Pin the straps onto the top front section as shown.
Pin the straps to the top front section
Step 6: Pin the back side of the wet bag to the front, right sides together. Leave the bottom unpinned for now and leave the zipper closed. Keep the straps tucked inside. There will be extra fabric on the bottom of the back section. Make sure the waterproof part of the PUL is facing outward.
Pin top and sides together, PUL facing out, zipper closed
Stitch the top and sides together.
Reach in and unzip the bag. Trim the extra fabric at the bottom. Stitch the bottom edge closed.
Stitch top and sides, unzip bag, trim bottom and stitch it closed
Turn the bag right side out….almost done!
Step 7: The top straps will fold over and snap together. Trim them to fit around your rod, leaving room for some overlap. Finish one end of each strap. (Fold under and stitch).
Trim the straps to fit, finish the ends
Apply snaps (or Velcro) to the straps using the directions that came with your snaps. My directions said to use a spool of thread and a hammer, but the spool of thread didn’t work so I used a metal bobbin which will probably never be the same again, hehe.
Add snaps
You are done!

Next, I plan to make a diaper stacker that has a built in wipes holder and a place for Ally’s board book. I’m still trying to figure out how to make it. I’ll be back soon with that tutorial J

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simple 1st Birthday Pop-Up Card

My nephew Owen had his first birthday last week and I made him a simple pop-up card. Pop-up cards are really easy once you know how they’re constructed. This one contains one “box” but you can easily add smaller boxes in front of boxes to create more layers.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1  piece of heavy scrapbook paper (12”x12”)
  • 1 piece of polka dot scrapbook paper
  • 1 piece of 8 ½” x 11” card stock
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissor or x-acto knife
Step 1: Fold the 12 x 12” piece of card stock in half, then cut it to 7” wide (6” x 7” card)
Step 2: Cut the polka dot paper to 6”x7” and glue it to the inside back of the card.

Step 3: Now print out the Dinosaur graphic and “box” on card stock and cut them out.
First Birthday Pop-Up Card

Step 4: Fold the box on the dotted lines, glue the small folded area and press the box closed.

Step 5: Glue one side and the bottom of the box and secure it to the center of the card.

Step 6: Press the card closed to secure the glue and let it dry.

Step 7: Fold the Dinosaur’s tail up so that the bottom of the graphic is flat. Apply glue to the front of the box and attach the dino graphic, leaving a little space at the bottom.

Final Step 8: Open and close the card to test it out. Embellish with more paper, a name on front, and a special note from you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Hedgehog Tutorial

Oh baby are these cute!
Have you ever seen pictures of baby hedgehogs?
Aren’t they the cutest?
I came up with an easy pattern for my own baby hedgehog plushie a few years ago. Now I’m breaking out my pattern and will show you how to make them. The body is sewn while the spiny back is crocheted but I’ve included a pattern piece for the spiny back just in case you’d rather sew it.
They’re a great gift for baby showers and fun for little ones, but they do contain small parts.  If you’re going to gift these to small kids the design can be modified to be a bit safer:  
-          Embroider or use felt for the eyes and belly button
-          Leave off the pacifier
-          Use a thick yarn instead of fun fur yarn
You’ll need:
  • small amount of fleece fabric for the body (1/8 yd should be fine)
  • 1 skein of Fun Fur yarn (for crocheted back) or a small amount of plush fabric (for sewn back)
  • Embroidery floss for the nose and mouth
  • 2 doll eyes - I used 9mm solid black
  • 1 small button for belly button
  • Pacifier - these are baby shower favors from the wedding/shower section of the craft store
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing basics

Step 1: Print out the pattern  below [Right+Click (PC) or CMD+click (Mac) and select Print]

Baby Hedgehog Pattern

Step 2: Roughly cut out the pattern pieces. You won't need to cut out the Spiny Back piece unless you choose to sew the back instead of crocheting it.

Step 3: Cut out the pieces from your fleece fabric. Cut on the solid lines. Be sure to cut 4 of each hand and foot piece, 2 of each ear and body piece, and one head center.
Step 4: Sew 2 foot pieces right sides together, leaving top end open. Sew close to the edge being sure to catch both layers of fleece. Repeat for the second foot.

Step 5: Sew 2 hand pieces right sides together, leaving the top end open. Repeat for second hand.

Step 6: Sew the Body Sides, right sides together from the nose dot all the way down to the bottom as shown.
Step 7: Pin the Head Center to the Body matching nose dots and upper dots. It’s a little tricky but “finagle to fit” J Stitch.

Step 8: Turn the body right side out.
Step 9: Now let’s do something fun and attach the eyes! Carefully cut or poke super tiny holes where you’d like the eyes to be. We want to have to really jam the eyes through the fleece and stay put. If the holes are too big the eyes will not stay in the doll.
Put the 2 doll eyes in and attach the washers securely.
Step 10: Crease the top of each ear down just a bit and pin it to the sides of the hedgehog body, right sides together. Stitch.

She’s coming to life slowly. But she kind of looks like a bat right now.
Step 11: Turn the arms and feet right side out and lightly stuff them. You can use poly fill or your scraps of fleece cut into tiny pieces.
Pin them onto the body using the pattern piece as a guide for placement. Stitch. (The long edge of the arm should be at the top. The orientation of the feet doesn’t matter.)
Step 12: Hand stitch the finger and toe lines on the feet and hands with matching thread.
Step 13: Add the belly button (hand stitched).
Step 14: For the crocheted Spiny Back...
Using a large crochet hook (H) chain 6 and join with first chain to create a ring. Chain 2. Crochet all around and join with first crochet.  You can use a single or double crochet. A single will produce a fluffier back but is more time consuming. I used a double crochet on this one.
Don’t worry too much about counting. It’s hard to keep track of stitches with fun fur and you can’t really backtrack. Just keep crocheting around, increasing your stitches until you get a crocheted circle that’s a little larger than the hedgehog’s body.
For sewn Spiny Back: Cut out 2 Spiny Back pattern pieces from plush fabric. Sew all the darts together. Sewn the 2 pieces right sides together along the center back. Turn right side out and continue...

Step 15: With right sides together hand stitch the body to the spiny back, tucking in arms, legs and ears and leaving an opening for turning.

Step 16: Turn, stuff, and stitch opening shut.
Finishing touches:
Embroider the nose and mouth using a matching embroidery floss. The fun part is that the faces all turn out differently. Hand stitch the pacifier onto it’s hand.
Now it’s done. You can add a hair bow, bow tie, or other accessories if you’d like.