Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey Door Hanging Tutorial

Just in time for Thanksgiving, try making this turkey door hanging! I tried looking for some Thanksgiving decorations the day after Halloween but they were already sold out. Guess I wasn’t fast enough, so I decided to make my own.

First I “drew” up a cute design in Photoshop.
Photoshop on my lappy
Then I made pattern pieces for my design out of butcher paper.
My ugly butcher paper pattern pieces
Here are the pattern pieces….be sure to enlarge them to the size you want to make or redraw the patterns on paper freehand.

Turkey Pattern


I followed my “use what you’ve got” rule for the turkey and didn’t buy any of the supplies. Luckily I had a lot of fall colored fabric in my stash. You can use canvas, fleece, basically anything you want.  Two buttons for the eyes and some basic sewing supplies, and you're ready to go. You can sew the pieces or glue them if you want to make it quick.
For the tail cut 2 pieces, and cut on the fold. I used a leftover piece of cotton batting for the back and ironed some craft fuse onto it for stability. For the front of the tail I used a fluffy brown fleece.
Now cut the tail pattern on the dotted line to get the pattern for the upper portion of the tail.
Cut the pattern piece out of an orange fabric.
I wasn’t able to cut out the whole pattern with one piece of fabric so I have 3 pieces that fit together. Pin and sew (or glue) the orange piece to the top of the brown tail.  
With right sides together sew the tail pieces together, leaving an opening at the bottom (about 6 inches) for turning.
Turn and sew the opening closed.
Ooh lala Turkey tail!

Cut out 2 body pieces out of tan/brown fabric (I used fleece). Set one aside.
Cut out the waddle and beak. I used orange fleece and red felt. My rough pattern says “gobble” because that’s what I thought it was called before looking it up. Apparently it’s called a waddle, but gobble sounds better J
Position the beak and waddle onto the face of one of the body pieces. Pin and stitch (or glue) them on.
Sew (or glue) some eye buttons on.
Put the body pieces right sides together. Pin and stitch them together leaving an opening at the bottom for turning.
Turn and stitch the opening closed.
Now you're talking turkey!
Cut out 2 feet (I used yellow/orange felt). Position them onto the turkey. Pin and stitch (or glue) them on.

Cut 4 wing pieces (I used cotton batting). Sew 2 wing pieces together wrong sides together leaving an unfinished edge…looks more rustic that way. Then, if you’d like, sew the design onto the wings using the dotted lines for guidance.
Position the wings onto the turkey body. Pin and stitch (or glue) them on.
 Did you know Turkey's can really fly?

Cut out a hat piece (I used some black vinyl) and a buckle (yellow/orange felt).  Sew (or glue) the buckle onto the hat.  Stitch the hat onto the turkey’s head.
I added a gold stitch line around the hat because it didn’t stand out enough against the dark brown tail.
Stitching makes the hat stand out
Embellish with a bow….or buttons, a patch, etc. Have fun.
Getting dressed up for dinner...little does he know.
Now sew (or glue) the turkey onto the tail in a few spots. I stitched them together at the wings and hat.
Attach some kind of hook to the back. Here I used a hangar (use whatcha got).
Find some kind of hook in the house and stitch it to the back

And now this cute turkey greets our guests at the door. Happy Thanksgiving!

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