Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lampshade DIY & Adding Trim to a Toddler Dress

This week I did a couple really easy projects. First, I took an old lamp that we've been using in Ally's room and added some fabric and trim to make it more kid-friendly.

This was one of my "use what you've got" projects. Ideally I would have matched the colors in her room a little better but since we're probably going to redecorate the room soon, this is temporary anyway. Here's what I did...

I laid the fabric onto the shade, right side down and traced the shape of the shade panel.
I cut out the panel leaving about 1/4" allowance on each side. Then trimmed the corners.
Folding the edges as I went, I hot glued the fabric to each panel.
Then I hot glued some ric-rac around the edges.

Easy peasy!

The second super-easy project I did was to add some trim to one of Ally's favorite dresses. She's tall and skinny so she usually outgrows her dresses in height way before width. So, adding some trim to the bottom she can wear this kitty dress a little bit longer.
Here's the dress.

Here's the trim. I used some trim that I had lying around and weaved some navy ribbon through the top, matching the kitty's collar and the buttons.
 I sewed the trim on above the ribbon and below it. Hopefully this will help keep the hem from turning up too. I can't stand when hems do that.
And here's Ally jumping around in her new and improved kitty dress. Yay!

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