Saturday, March 30, 2013

Upcycled Crochet Toddler Dress

This week I turned a floral print hand-me-down shirt from my sister into a cute crocheted dress for Ally! Here's how...

First, I cut off the top edge of the front, including the ruffle. Then I cut the back off at the same level as the front.
I finished the edges of the top front and back. Then I took in the sides - sewed the side seems from 0" above the bottom shirt ruffle to about 1" at the sleeve hole.
I pinned some darts at the top front.
Then I used a crochet-edging technique I learned here at the Sara vs. Sarah blog (method 3). I pierced the fabric with a large sewing needle (hole are about 5/8" apart) and used size F5 hook to do a blanket stitch all the way around (sc in each hole with ch2 in between). The yarn I used is pretty dense and thick so adjust the stitch to your needs. Finish off.

I did 4 rows of single crochet at the front and back. In the front, I tapered the sides a bit so that the front and back become the same width at the top.

For the straps I made 18 rows of single crochet on the right front side, then joined my strap to the back using a slip stitch. Repeat for the left side.
A single crochet row around the sleeves and neck hole finish it off nicely.

 For the bottom of the dress, I removed the bottom ruffle and finished the new bottom edge of the dress.
The same blanket stitch edging around the bottom (sc, ch2, sc), and then a row of ch3, slip stitch, ch3 around creates a nice scalloped edge.

Here's the finished dress. I love the teal and pink together. It's so shabby-chic!
Thanks for looking :) 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I just started to learn to sew. Do you think a beginner could attempt this? So cute!

  2. Thanks! Upcycled projects are great for beginners especially if the shirt is going to be discarded anyway. That way if you make mistakes, no harm no foul. In fact I just tried upcycling one of my husband's old plaid shirts into a shirt for my dog and it was a BIG fail. I tried a second time with another shirt and it turned out great! I recommend fitting the dress on the kid several times as you go since these kiddos come in all shapes and sizes, or if the kid isn't handy then using one of their existing shirts/dresses as a guide. Good luck. You can do it!