Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shabby Chic Birdhouse Clock Tutorial

This week I made a shabby chic, pink and pretty birdhouse clock for my daughter's room. Ain't it cute!

Here's how I made it...


cardboard birdhouse (8" tall)
clock fit-up (2 13/16" diameter)
Modge Podge or glue (I used Modge Podge)
8 - 3/4" popsicle sticks
1 piece of decorative wood trim
1 small wood dowel
Pink floral paper
Craft knife
Pink and white craft paint
Paintbrush or foam brush
Hot glue gun
Embellishments of your choice

Most of the supplies were bought at Michael's Arts & Crafts.

Supplies (not all of them are shown here)
Measure and mark off half of the birdhouse, then cut it in half. I thought 2 perfect halves were good because if I made a mistake with the first half, I could always use the second half and try again.

Trace off the shape of the birdhouse on one of your floral sheets, and mark off flaps on each side.
The floral papers I used are listed here:
Light pink floral and striped floral are from DCWV "The Luxury Stack"
Dark pink floral used on the base is Michael's brand "Hot Pink Damask" 
Now apply glue to the birdhouse front and sides and wrap the paper carefully around, pressing and folding as you go.

Repeat with the second floral paper for the bottom half of the birdhouse. Secure the back folded edges with paper clips until the glue dries.

Apply glue to the base and cover it with the 3rd floral paper. I used a lighter stock paper for the base (the other 2 are more like cardstock). It made wrapping the base easier.
Now, for some fun with popsicle sticks! Mark a line just below the curved area of the tips on one side. Then cut the tips off using an exacto, or sharp scissors. Use undyed sticks if you can. I just had these dyed ones lying around, but the dye does show through the paint in the end.

Paint the sticks pink, let them dry and then paint a coat or two of white. Then once the white dries, sand through it so that the pink shows through in some areas for that shabby effect. 

Do the same thing with your wood trim and dowel.
While you wait for paint to dry move on to making the birdhouse hole bigger. The clock fit-up that I ordered on Ebay specified that it fits a hole of 2.5 inches, so I cut a circle that size using my nifty circle cutter. Then I attached it to the front of the birdhouse with some glue, making sure to match the center of the circle with the center of the existing hole. Cut away the hole with a craft knife.
Oooh, the clock fits in so nicely! I secured it to the birdhouse with some hot glue in back.
Now, for a way to hang this clock. Using a dense piece of cardboard (I save all my notepad backs for this kind of thing), cut out a long rectangle and cut a notch out of it at the center. Mark out the sides of the birdhouse roof onto this rectangle and fold at those lines. Then hot glue the rectangle onto the interior of the birdhouse in back.

When your popsicle sticks are dry, hot glue them to the top of the birdhouse, 4 on each side coming flush to the front and back of the house.

Glue some of the dark pink floral paper to the inside eaves of the house.

When the decorative wood trim is dry, mark off the top and bottom 45 degree angles as shown and cut them. I used an exacto blade and some jewelry nippers to do the job. Hot glue the pieces to the roof front.
Now repeat for the trim around the clock. My corners came out a little funky so I filled them in with hot glue and painted them white to touch them up. Doing the sides first, and then the front, making sure the front pieces overlap the sides will help improve the look of the corners. Or if you want to be perfecto and use a miter saw go for it.

Make a small hole at the front for the bird's perch. Cut the dowel to the length you'd like, leaving plenty of length to go through to the back. I took a tiny box lid and hot glued it to the inside of the birdhouse, poked a hole in it too and slid the dowel through the house and lid. This, with some glue gave the dowel extra stability.
More fun stuff...I got some stick-on pink pearls from the fabulous Martha Stewart aisle at Michael's. I pretty much want everything in that aisle! And, I found a pair Ashland birds, so sparkly! Stick on the pearls and glue on the birds. And it's done!

Thanks for looking!

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