Monday, May 20, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Finished!

We finally finished the toddler princess room! It's so pink in here and our little girl loves it. Here are some photos of the finished room. Tutorials for most of the projects can be found on the "princess room" section of my blog.

Twin Bed: Living Spaces, Duvet: Emalina Rose, Ikea, Rug: Target, Paint: Valspar's Ribbon Pink

Dresser: Living Spaces, I embellished the Ikea mirror with pink rhinestones

Photos of our beloved pets hang near the door, and the birdhouse clock hangs above it. Click here for the clock tutorial

For the bed crown tutorial click here. For the pillow tutorial click here.

The rocking chair was a dark espresso color and the cradle was a thrift store purchase that was an aged, dirty white. Both were spray painted pink, and I made a mattress, pillow and blanket for the cradle. 

The bookcase had to be repainted for the room, and I added pink curtains and new pink knobs. For the tutu lampshade tutorial click here.


This "Candelier" and remote controlled LED candles are both from Amazon

Easy fabric-covered canvas wall art. Click here for the tutorial.

The grandparents' photos hang below my TJMaxx wall art.
I'm hoping the remodel will help my daughter sleep in her room more often. I can tell she feels more attached to her room now. She loves to go to her princess bed, turn on the nightlight, and have mommy read Alice the Fairy 3 or 4 times before falling asleep, then she escapes to our bed when she wakes during the night. At 2 1/2 she still doesn't sleep through the night, but I don't mind the extra midnight snuggles. I'm sure one day I'll be missing them.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Wall Art

I made some ballerina canvas art to dress up the walls in the princess room. These classic illustrations are by Dorothy Grider from the book "Little Ballerina".

 To make them, I measured out 3 fabric squares (pink, lavender, pink), enough to wrap around the 3 canvases.

Then I sized the images in Photoshop and printed them out on this printing fabric that I've had forever.
It's probably not even around anymore, but there are many tutorials on Pinterest regarding printing on fabric using freezer paper and fabric.
Then I cut the fabric carefully around each image, leaving about 1/4" border and stitched the images to the center of my fabric squares. I wrapped each canvas using hot glue. Starting from the center of each side and working out from there. Getting the corners flat takes a little time. Finally, I added ribbon around the edges using hot glue.
Here's the artwork hanging above the bed.

I also found some artwork at TJMaxx. Both of the pieces were a steal, on clearance for $7 a piece.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Bed Crown

I had to try this new bed crown trend that's all over Pinterest. This one I made for the princess room using an upside-down metal window box. Here is the finished product...
...and here's how it happened.

I bought the window box from Lowe's for about $12. It was black and had some moss in it and some attachments that I didn't use. I spray-painted it white just because the fabric cover will be white.
I wrapped a double layer of batting around the front, top and sides, using clips and clothespins to keep it in place, and clipping the excess on the curves. There's about an inch overlap on the edges. Once I got a good shape I hot glued the batting to the metal frame.
Then I wrapped the front, top and sides with white satin (wrong side facing out) cutting the edges with a good 1" or more overlap. The bottom edge is pinned up, and I pinned creases on the top left and right sides so that the fabric lays as flat as possible against the window box. This part is VERY tricky and time-consuming.

Removing the satin cover, I hemmed the bottom edge and sewed the creases. You can cut the excess off of the creases too.

The back side was finished with a zigzag stitch.

For the pink scallop trim I measured the length of the window box front and sides. Then I cut 2 layers of fabric at that length (plus an inch for seam allowance) and about 8" wide. Using a CD I traced a scallop trim across the length of the fabric. TIP: Make sure there's about 1/4" space between each scallop. I learned the hard way :o(

Here's a close up. You can see the few stitches in between the scallops here. I stitched the scallop layers together, trimmed the edges with pinking sheers and made a couple fine cuts up to the corners.

Here's what I did at the sides, just sewed right up to the top edge.

Turning the scallops right side out, the CD helped to iron them flat.
Then the top edges were ironed down,

...pinned, and sewed onto the front of the white satin cover.

Here it is sewed on. There's a lot of overlap on the sides and back.
Attaching the cover is also very tricky. I used hot glue to attach it. My cover was definitely NOT a perfect fit.

But with some ribbon, a bow and some pink puff ball trim added, it looks just fine.

The curtain sheers were put on by sewing 4 strips of ribbon to the top of each panel and then I tied them to the metal window box inside. That way I can take them off to wash them. I added the puff ball trim to the curtain shears and tied them to the bedposts with thick pink ribbon.

My oh-so-kind and handy husband helped to hang it up on the wall. Now the princess bed is complete!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Tutu Lampshade

OK, remember that lampshade that I recently updated? Well, I knew it was a temporary fix, and boy was it ever! With our princess room update I just had to rework that lamp again. I can't stand to get rid of a perfectly good lamp to buy a new one. So this is what I came up with...

Here's the lamp before...

And here's how I made it into a tutu lamp...
First I got some tulle from Michael's Arts & Crafts. I went to 2 different Michael's stores and only found 2 pink spools. Apparently everyone and their mama (including my mom) is making tutu's right now. So I got 2 pink spools and 3 white glitter spools.

I took the existing fabric off of the lampshade and measured out strips of tulle...double the height of the shade plus some overhang at the bottom, and extra length for the knots too. My strips were 31.5" long.

There are 2 strips of tulle for each knot. They're either 2 pink strips, 1 pink 1 white, or 2 white strips.

Here's how to knot them:
Fold the 2 strips in half and make a loop at the top.
With the loop placed at the front of the lamp wire, bring the end of the strips around to the back...
...and bring the end forward through the loop.
Now pull the ends down...
...and tighten.
At the bottom, bring the ends down over the wire to the back and then around to the front, creating a loop.
Put the end through that loop...

...and tighten. Cut the ends to the desired length.
I attached some thick white ribbon to one of the wires underneath with hot glue and wove it around the lamp, over 3, under 3 all the way around. Then attached the end to where I started.

The silver base got a coat of pink spray paint...

And I added a big beautiful silk flower (from Michael's) to finish it off. It goes perfectly in the princess room.

Thanks for looking!

*Disclaimer: Be sure that the tulle is taut and rests far enough away from the heat of your lamp's bulb. If the bulb sits too close to the shade an alternative option would be to leave the lampshade intact, create holes in the top and bottom of the shade, and weave the tulle through the holes. I have never had any issues with my tutu lampshade but will not be responsible for any issues a user experiences. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Heart Ruffle Pillow

I'm making good headway on the princess room and will have a few of my DIY projects up on the blog in the next few days. Here's a pink, ruffly heart pillow that I made for the princess bed.

The bed linens are Ikea "Emelina Rose" that I purchased from EBAY (Ikea was out of stock), and the sheets are lavender striped Circo sheets from Target. They were on clearance so I'm not sure if they'll have any in stock now but they sure were a steal at $12! Oh, and the bed is from Living Spaces. I'll post more, better pics of it in the future.

Here's how I made the ruffly heart...

I started the project intending to make a square pillow with a heart in the middle but ultimately ended up cutting out the heart shape, so never mind the squared base.


I cut out the heart using a 12x12 piece of scrapbooking card stock first, to get a nice shape. Then I traced it onto my dark pink dotted fleece and cut it out. I pinned it to the square base and sewed it on, but you can skip that step since I ended up making a heart shaped pillow. Just cut another heart out of fleece and save it for the back (don't sew it on yet).
Here's the ruffly satin trim I bought from It's nice not having to make the trim, but it wasn't cheap. When purchasing this, it's a good time to use one their 40 or 50% off coupons.
Now, I just pinned the trim around the edges of my heart shape, one time around, and carefully sewed it on using my machine. TIP: It's a good idea to finish the ends of the ribbon trim with either some fray-check, clear fingernail polish or like I did using a lighter and quickly burning the ends so they don't fray.
Now just pin the trim around a second time, and sew that layer on.

And a third time. I was going to do the whole hear but decided it looked really cute with the dotted fleece in the middle. More comfy too. So I stopped there.

I don't have pictures of the next steps but I'll tell you how to finish it. I cut the base into a heart shape first, leaving about 1/2" seam allowance around the ruffles and then...

  • Pin the ruffles inward so that they won't get caught up while sewing the 2 sides of the pillow together
  • Take your other fleece heart shape and pin it wrong sides together to this one, making sure the ruffles are all on the inside.
  • Leaving a space for turning and stuffing, sew around the heart
  • Turn, stuff and hand-sew the opening shut

Thanks for looking!