Thursday, May 9, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Bed Crown

I had to try this new bed crown trend that's all over Pinterest. This one I made for the princess room using an upside-down metal window box. Here is the finished product...
...and here's how it happened.

I bought the window box from Lowe's for about $12. It was black and had some moss in it and some attachments that I didn't use. I spray-painted it white just because the fabric cover will be white.
I wrapped a double layer of batting around the front, top and sides, using clips and clothespins to keep it in place, and clipping the excess on the curves. There's about an inch overlap on the edges. Once I got a good shape I hot glued the batting to the metal frame.
Then I wrapped the front, top and sides with white satin (wrong side facing out) cutting the edges with a good 1" or more overlap. The bottom edge is pinned up, and I pinned creases on the top left and right sides so that the fabric lays as flat as possible against the window box. This part is VERY tricky and time-consuming.

Removing the satin cover, I hemmed the bottom edge and sewed the creases. You can cut the excess off of the creases too.

The back side was finished with a zigzag stitch.

For the pink scallop trim I measured the length of the window box front and sides. Then I cut 2 layers of fabric at that length (plus an inch for seam allowance) and about 8" wide. Using a CD I traced a scallop trim across the length of the fabric. TIP: Make sure there's about 1/4" space between each scallop. I learned the hard way :o(

Here's a close up. You can see the few stitches in between the scallops here. I stitched the scallop layers together, trimmed the edges with pinking sheers and made a couple fine cuts up to the corners.

Here's what I did at the sides, just sewed right up to the top edge.

Turning the scallops right side out, the CD helped to iron them flat.
Then the top edges were ironed down,

...pinned, and sewed onto the front of the white satin cover.

Here it is sewed on. There's a lot of overlap on the sides and back.
Attaching the cover is also very tricky. I used hot glue to attach it. My cover was definitely NOT a perfect fit.

But with some ribbon, a bow and some pink puff ball trim added, it looks just fine.

The curtain sheers were put on by sewing 4 strips of ribbon to the top of each panel and then I tied them to the metal window box inside. That way I can take them off to wash them. I added the puff ball trim to the curtain shears and tied them to the bedposts with thick pink ribbon.

My oh-so-kind and handy husband helped to hang it up on the wall. Now the princess bed is complete!

Thanks for looking!

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