Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Tutu Lampshade

OK, remember that lampshade that I recently updated? Well, I knew it was a temporary fix, and boy was it ever! With our princess room update I just had to rework that lamp again. I can't stand to get rid of a perfectly good lamp to buy a new one. So this is what I came up with...

Here's the lamp before...

And here's how I made it into a tutu lamp...
First I got some tulle from Michael's Arts & Crafts. I went to 2 different Michael's stores and only found 2 pink spools. Apparently everyone and their mama (including my mom) is making tutu's right now. So I got 2 pink spools and 3 white glitter spools.

I took the existing fabric off of the lampshade and measured out strips of tulle...double the height of the shade plus some overhang at the bottom, and extra length for the knots too. My strips were 31.5" long.

There are 2 strips of tulle for each knot. They're either 2 pink strips, 1 pink 1 white, or 2 white strips.

Here's how to knot them:
Fold the 2 strips in half and make a loop at the top.
With the loop placed at the front of the lamp wire, bring the end of the strips around to the back...
...and bring the end forward through the loop.
Now pull the ends down...
...and tighten.
At the bottom, bring the ends down over the wire to the back and then around to the front, creating a loop.
Put the end through that loop...

...and tighten. Cut the ends to the desired length.
I attached some thick white ribbon to one of the wires underneath with hot glue and wove it around the lamp, over 3, under 3 all the way around. Then attached the end to where I started.

The silver base got a coat of pink spray paint...

And I added a big beautiful silk flower (from Michael's) to finish it off. It goes perfectly in the princess room.

Thanks for looking!

*Disclaimer: Be sure that the tulle is taut and rests far enough away from the heat of your lamp's bulb. If the bulb sits too close to the shade an alternative option would be to leave the lampshade intact, create holes in the top and bottom of the shade, and weave the tulle through the holes. I have never had any issues with my tutu lampshade but will not be responsible for any issues a user experiences. 


  1. How fire resistant is this? It seems to me as tulle would be highly flamable. Id love to make this myself but im a little nervous

  2. I use it for reading at night and have not had any issues with it getting hot. The tulle must be very taut though. If this will be a lamp that's on often or if you have any worry I'd find a way to keep the shade intact and put the tulle on the outside of the shade fabric.

  3. You could use an LED bulb. They don't put out heat. I love this idea, I am definitely going to use this idea for my own adult, shabby chic bedroom. Thanks for sharing.