Sunday, May 12, 2013

Toddler Princess Room - Wall Art

I made some ballerina canvas art to dress up the walls in the princess room. These classic illustrations are by Dorothy Grider from the book "Little Ballerina".

 To make them, I measured out 3 fabric squares (pink, lavender, pink), enough to wrap around the 3 canvases.

Then I sized the images in Photoshop and printed them out on this printing fabric that I've had forever.
It's probably not even around anymore, but there are many tutorials on Pinterest regarding printing on fabric using freezer paper and fabric.
Then I cut the fabric carefully around each image, leaving about 1/4" border and stitched the images to the center of my fabric squares. I wrapped each canvas using hot glue. Starting from the center of each side and working out from there. Getting the corners flat takes a little time. Finally, I added ribbon around the edges using hot glue.
Here's the artwork hanging above the bed.

I also found some artwork at TJMaxx. Both of the pieces were a steal, on clearance for $7 a piece.

Thanks for looking!

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