Sunday, June 23, 2013

Teacup Bird Feeder or Floral Arrangement

This past Mother's Day I made a hanging teacup bird feeder for my grandma. She's always loved birds and teacups so I thought it would be the perfect gift. And it seemed to be. It was a tipped over teacup similar to the one in the picture above that hung by a chain from a shepherd's hook.  She was really excited about it but was afraid to put it out in the front of her apartment because she just knew someone would steal it...and she was right! Some rotten person stole from a little old lady at a gated senior community! She was so upset. So I made her this teacup floral arrangement as a replacement, to keep inside her apartment.
Similar to the original bird feeder, I positioned the cup on the saucer as if it had tipped over and secured it with E6000 adhesive that I purchased from Jo-Ann. To get a good position I first used double sided tape and tested to make sure it hung evenly, accounting for the extra weight of the flowers. Then I glued some floral foam to the inside of the cup and worked on the arrangment. I gave grandma a hook and chain in case she wanted to hang it up somewhere, safe inside her apartment.
Thanks for looking!


  1. This is my mother's wedding china and I love this idea for her memorial celebration of life. She is 91 and not in great health. I think it was an omen that I came across this idea. Thank you for your posting of this....

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  3. 6000 glue takes too long to dry and I cant gr it to set up better than hot glue how about you when I start a project zi dont want to wait a day or two to start decorating