Friday, July 26, 2013

Hanging Curtains on a Vertical Blind Track

For some reason vertical blinds remind me of my old apartment-living days. When we bought our house the den's sliding door came with vertical blinds and I've always meant to replace them with curtains to make the room more cozy. Now I finally have, without having to take down the vertical blind track hardware. Here's a before and after...

It's nice to still have the convenience of using the slider to open and close the drapes. I don't really mind that they open to one side because the active part of our sliding door remains clear. By the way, my dog Eddie is a huge camera hog.

Here's how I hung curtains on the vertical blind track...

The curtain panels are from Ikea. I only needed one set of 2 panels for this project. They're the Kajsamia panels.

1. Cut off the grommet top area of the panels.

2. Sew the 2 panels together in the middle so there's one big panel (I was able to line up the trees).

3. Finish the top edge (fold under twice and sew).

4. Measure the width and add a few extra inches so that the panels won't be totally flat when the curtains are closed. Cut and finish the side edge.

5. Now count how many hooks you'll need to attach to the panels. I had 33 "stems" in the track so I needed 33 hooks. The panel width was 107" so I divided that by 33 and got a rough estimate of how far apart the hooks needed to be.

6. I used these hooks from Jo-Ann. Getting them into the fabric is a pain on the fingers but it's probably because they're meant for lighter fabrics? If you can find something else to use, go for it. Just make sure they hang nicely on the stems of the track.

7. Hang a few of the hooks onto the stems to get the length right. Pin and hem the length. Save the fabric cuttings for the valance.


I used black foam core, some batting, some strips of cardboard, and a glue gun to make the valance. All the existing valance hardware is used, this project just gives it a face lift.

1. Cut strips of foam core any width you'd like. Mine are about 6 inches. I needed 3 strips and I attached them together using thin cardboard and hot glue to make one long strip. The strips are as long as the existing vertical blind valance.


2. Measure and cut some batting to wrap and hot glue around the foam core valance.

3 Measure out and hot glued the extra fabric onto the foam core valance.

4. Now hot glue the old valance onto the back of the new valance, just in the middle. Leave the edges clear so that the old valance fits back into the clips on the track.

5. Now just click the old valance back where it was. (It's easiest if you take the valance clips down first, put them on the new valance, then click the valance back up).

That's it, super easy. Thanks for looking!


  1. Yeah, I get that feeling. There is an inherent elegance in vertical blinds that makes the room feel all leisurely, yet well-kempt than sneaky and clandestine. The layout feels broad, and accomodates a window's overall profile, instead of cutting right through it like horizontal blinds would. Maybe because they look like soft pillars, and in some ways, they are. Anyways, these do augment one's windows, and there are services out there that can keep you up to speed on these kinds of design ideas.

    Roxie @ Allure

  2. This is the best tutorial (and final product) I've found on hanging curtains from vertical blinds... yours looks great! Thanks for sharing - I'm going to try this out next weekend!

  3. Yeah great tutorial - do they move smoothly and have they held up? I worry that the weight might cause them to break the clips and fall out, or that the blind moving hardware would snag. Other than that - am dying to try this out!

    1. They have held up great so far, and the fabric I used was a little heavy so I worried about that too. No tears, the clips haven't come off, and the fabric doesn't get snagged. It's actually worked out better than the vertical blinds because I don't have to twist the rod and straighten out the blinds before opening/closing the curtains. Have fun and good luck :)

    2. Thanks for the info! I hate twisting the rod before opening the blinds as well :)

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  5. I have been looking for a budget-friendly way to replace my hideous vertical blinds for years and this is just what I was looking for! My prayers have been answered! THANK YOU!

  6. Hey thanks for the detailed step by step instructions. My family has a nice big glass sliding door that has almost been a regret for years just because we haven't bought any new vertical blinds. We weren't really sure if we could hang them up right but this makes it seem like no problem. You're right, the sliders are convenient and now hopefully we can make it useful once again!

  7. Oh wow!! I've been wanting to do this exact thing!! Couldn't bear to part with the brilliant hardware and convenient operation of the vertical blinds, but really wanted drapes for our two sliding doors... an eight footer in our living room and a standard 6' door in our bedroom. Love your detailed tutorial, thank you so very much! Can't wait to get busy on my own versions! You're a peach for sharing. I love it when creative people put themselves out there for all the rest of us!

  8. How did you put the tieback pins in the fabric?

  9. I really want to do this for the vertical blinds in my new apartment, but I cannot find the tie back pins anywhere! :(

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  11. You’re right that the curtains made the room look more cozy, whereas I think blinds gives it a more formal ambiance. Anyway, I think both the drapes and the blinds complemented the room in their own way. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

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  12. Thanks for the really clear tutorial!

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  14. A beautiful solution for my vertical blind dilemma! Thank you!! :) Living on a very tight budget so needed a DIY method that looked great without breaking my already bad back. Tx, Kathy

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