Friday, October 4, 2013

BOO Halloween Door Hanger Tutorial

Halloween is just around the corner! Here's an easy Halloween decoration project for you, a BOO door hanger. I like it because it makes a big impact but can be stored away pretty compactly in the off season. 

boo halloween door hanger

Here's what you need: 

1. B - O - O "wood" letters (Michael's has these)
2. Spray paint (unless you prefer to leave them white)

3. Ribbon and/or fabric to make a big bow
4. A drill & bit
5. Wire
6. A big sewing needle
7. Glue gun

I spray painted my letters black since my screen door is white. Choose a color that stands out from your door - white or orange on a dark door, black on a light door.

Here they are black. I didn't paint the back.

Now drill holes at the center bottom of the B, center top and bottom of one O and at the center bottom of the second O.

Use a big needle to pull a strip of ribbon through the holes, attaching the B and O.

Tie a knot in the back and hot glue the ends down.

Repeat to attach the Os together.

Drill 2 more holes at the top of the B.

Pull a strip of ribbon through the holes and tie knots at the ends, then hot glue the ends down.

For my bigger bow I used some fabric. Cut a long, thick strip (double the thickness of the bow you want).

Now sew the strip right sides together.

1. Turn it right side out and press 2. Cut the ends at an angle 3. Fold the ends in 4. Press and sew

I formed the fabric ribbon into a bow shape (without really tying a bow).

Then secured it with some wire. Leave some length of wire behind the bow.

Now I added another bow made from the polka dotted ribbon and attached it to the front of my big bow with that same wire.

Cut a small strip of ribbon, tie it around the center of the 2 bows and hot glue it in the back.

Here's the finished bow. Attach it with the wire to the ribbon loop at the top of the B.
And that's it!

I used a metal shower curtain hook to hang mine to the screen door. I had to clean up the screen quite a bit in Photoshop. It's pretty shabby. One day I'll have a pretty door but for now this will do.

Happy Halloween!

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