Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Hydrangea Wreath

I've seen versions of this beautiful fall hydrangea wreath on Pinterest and had to make one myself. 

Here's how I made mine...

First I gathered the supplies: 
Various colored faux hydrangeas (I had to visit both Michael's and JoAnn to get these)
Wire wreath
Green Floral Wire
Wire Cutter
Fall Ribbon

With my wire cutters I separated the hydrangeas into smaller bunches and took off the leaves.

Then I weaved the leaves through the wire wreath and attached them with green floral wire.

Here's how it looked with all the leaves attached, evenly spaced.

I did a rough plan of the flower placement ahead of time, making sure I had enough of each color. Then I began attaching the flowers, weaving the green wire around the stems of the flower and then attaching them to the wire wreath. It's not pretty but it gets the job done.

Next, I tied some brown ric-rac (you can use any strong ribbon or cord) to the back of the wreath in 2 spots to make a hanger. I wanted the bow to hang above the wreath, not on it. 

Then I attached this brown velvet bow, but realized it was pretty pathetic. I needed a bigger bow.

Here's the finished product with a better bow. It will be the perfect greeting for my Thanksgiving guests.

Thanks for looking!

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